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Oh boy, College

Well, I'm in College now. Yeah. I have Mandarin Chinese, Drawing 1, some Basic Math class, and the required English class.

And I'm still stressed. At least I've been hanging out with friends more in the past couple of months than I have all last year.

The messed up part? I'm only exaggerating a little bit.

I've been getting really into Axis Powers Hetalia. Great, some more fictional guys for me to fawn over. You know, I complain, but I still do.

I'm also having a sleep over on Halloween. Problem is, I have to choose who can come kinda carefully. First off, I can't invite guys, obviously, so that narrows the list down quite a bit. Then I have to make sure everyone I invite gets along. A couple of the people I wanted to invite I couldn't for this exact reason. Lastly, they have to be able to make it. So far, I only have 3 people coming. I'm never going to have a party, am I?

Well, enough angst. My Chinese class is fun, and there are a lot less annoying kids than my high school class. And I think I actually made a couple of 'friends' (Whatever those are <.<).


Well, to Tomorrow I'm going camping. My campsite is not too far from Woodstock, so yay for me.

Like the past couple of years my parents have reserved cabins. This year, we couldn't get a two room cabin since they were all booked, so me and my sister have our own cabin. I don't know if that's good or bad.

I also FINALLY got Smash Brothers Brawl after searching everywhere for it. I couldn't play it yet, and since we're leaving tomorrow I probably won't be able to play it.

On a completely different note, I can't wait for Halloween. X3 Some stores have already put Halloween stuff out. It's never too early to prepare for the ancient Druid day of the dead.

Brithdays and Ren Faires

Well, Thursday was my Birthday.

In lue of an actual party, I went to Medieval Times and Mitsuwa (sp?) (The very large Japanese grocery just a couple of minutes outside of NYC) With family, I didn't even bring one friend

My mom says I might be able to have a small BBQ later this summer, but between money troubles, prom, and animenext, we didn't have time or money to plan anything.

Mitsuwa has this large grocery store, and right outside of it, in the same building, are several small restaurants, a tea shop, and a FINE tea snack shop (Like, a package of 10-15 costs a good 20-30 dollars, depending on what you get), and then outside of the building are some other Japanese shops. First we ate lunch at one of the restaurants outside of the grocery (We got the special, Gyudon, beef bowl (which I had made many times for my mom, basically, beef and onions in a teriyaki and dashi sauce, on top of a very large bowl of rice) and soba noodles. They had to have given us about 2 cups of rice! I was the only one who finished mine), went grocery shopping (Making sure to only buy stuff I couldn't get at the Hong Kong supermarket, since that one is cheaper. I got Green Tea with Cherry Blossom, Japanese Bath Salts, and a couple of other things I can't remember) Then we went to the Japanese book store outside of the grocery (I got a copy of Cure and the latest Gosu Rori) then to a Japanese Import Store (I got a parasol, white with a black design, a new Mr. Pickles, and a Brush Pen, which I'm fooling around with. It's fun <3)

Then I went home, rested for a little, then went right back out to get my cake. I got a very large, very rich cake.

Then Medieval Times! I got the black and white knight, and FOR ONCE our knight won. It was great.

Also, Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died that day. Two famous deaths on my 18th birthday, one of one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century.

I can't wait to tell my kids that.

And then Saturday I went to Glynnis's house warming party. Apparently, according to Glynn, the Priest was scared shit less of me (They had a prayer before hand, to bless the house. I think it was the first Catholic ceremony I have ever been to. My parents aren't Christian, and my grandparents are Protestant) It's because I was wearing black and I'm not Christian...Nice....

Well, it was pretty fun. Sarah was there, and there was a Karaoke thing, we sang a lot. There was also this woman who was COMPLETELY hammered. She was Glynn's neighbor, and apparently it happens a lot. Then we had a sleep over.

I got two hours of sleep, before I had to get up, go home, and get ready to go to a Ren. Faire. The New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. My sister is one of the volunteers there.

Well, since I didn't get much sleep, I was asleep on the car ride there. I also ate a breakfast of one boiled egg, a doughnut, and a iced coffee. In the car. XP

While my sister was setting up, I went to look around the town we were in. It is a GORGEOUS town. It's kinda on the edge of New Jersey, close to Pennsylvania, and it was comprised mostly of preserved buildings (I wasn't sure if they were colonial or Victorian...It looked like there were some of each.) Apparently all the other towns the NJRK went to didn't wan't them there, but this one was really excited to have them. Mostly because of tourism. So if you really like old fashioned towns, check this place out. I heard the fishing is also supposed to be really good there.

Well, while there I didn't drink enough and almost overheated. The guy in charge of first aid had to come help me out, made sure I drank plently of liquids, and untill I improved, I sat in the actor's building, since it was air conditioned. I shouldn't have worn all black velvet (Remember, two hours of sleep. I just slipped on whatever looked Renaissance and wouldn't take too much work)

I also should have worn shorts or leggings under the dress as well, or brought soome pants to change into, cause I was chaffing so bad, open wounds were starting to develope on my inner thigh.

But, some good news, I bought a nice lace parasol. Ish perdy. Now I have a nice paper one, and a lace one.

I also checked out some Antique stores in the area. One had Opera Glasses from the Victorian era that could have been really neat for Steampunk, but they were 90 dollars.

When coming home, they were repaving a large section of road, so we were trapped in traffic. We didn't get home untill sometime after 11.

And as a last note, Billy Mays also died. How come all the guys we love to make fun of seem to be dying? And in both cases, it seems like they'll never die. Especially Billy Mays.


I got back from animenext Sunday. Yay!

The Bento Panel (The panel, well, workshop, that I do) did very well, though some people complained that they couldn't sign up, since it filled up so quickly.

I got a facemask, the new gothic lolita bible, gosu rori magazine, and some other small things.

As for finals, I will be exempt from the following finals:

Commercial Art
Art 3
Clothing and Design 2
Gym (Well, I don't even think there is a gym final)

I'll have to see if I'm exempt from Chinese. I think I am. Then again, I also thought I would be exempt from English, but I'm not XP (It's ok, though, it'll be an easy final) I also have my Math and Anatomy finals. Oh, goody. The two hardest, of course. Well, Anatomy is a great course, but it's overall hard. I just don't like Math.

So, that means that Thursday and Friday I'll come in late, Monday I'll take off, and Tuesday I'll either leave early or stay the whole day, depending on if I'm exempt.

Which means I have to tell my sister.

I'm also going to prom Friday. Which means I'm finally coloring my hair. I'm dying it black, since it will go with my purple-bergundy dress. Then I might to the tips purple or red over summer break.

My mom wants to take me to that high class salon she used to go to, so it'll cost almost 200 just to get it cut, dyed, and styled. Then again, I think the cheapest you can get your hair colored around here is about 40 or 50, so I guess no matter where I go it's going to be expencive. Why do you think it's been over a year since I had my hair done?

Well, I'm in a good mood. Must be because I know that I'll be free in a week.

Mock DUI

We did this mock DUI thing at school. You wear these goggles that impair your vision and make you dizzy. I hit so many cones, one got caught on the gas, and the gas was stuck. It was awesome! XD Although I kinda worry because I did the worst, so what does that say about my driving skills? I have to get my license but I HATE practicing with my dad in my sister's car.

I got my yearbook, too. Woot.

I was really angry today. If I want you to know why, I'll tell you.

I'm going to spend the few days we have left eating lunch eating in the cafeteria first, and then heading strait for the library. I was fighting it for a while, for reasons I still don't know. I sit alone! Why wouldn't I?

Well, I was hoping to be able to make that Kimono-type dress for Animenext, but I won't have time. Well, I might, actually, if I get started right after finishing my pants. But I would need fabric, which I don't have, and the nearest fabric store is, what, an hour away? Not to mention, we don't have the money to be spending on stuff like that right now XP I'll probably make accessories instead, like wolf paws. I kinda wanted to make a lolita dress, but I have the same problem as the Kimono one. I wish our class had black felt for making one of those cute cat-eared hats. Well, maybe there is some. I should check.

Oh, and someone scrapped against my mom's car when she was walking with our neighboor. We don't know who did it, since there was no note. The hand-veiw mirror is wrecked. We already have enough trouble paying the bills. I wish I could help.

I'm sorry, but I just really want the year to be over. I can't take it anymore! I'm glad this is my last year, I'm sick of it!


I have family staying for the weekend.

Now, I don't want to say it's a bad thing. After all, I love my grandma and grandpa, but I also love privacy. It's just like there are certain things I don't enjoy posting on facebook because my mom has one. So I know if I post something, she'll see it. I hope my sister sleeps downstairs instead of my room, so I can have some feeling of privacy. But my parents are hoping she can stay in my room.

And my aunt couldn't come. No dying my hair this weekend.

But yeah, soon the lake would be open, so that means swimming swimming swimming.

I'm already kinda planning my birthday. But my parents refuse to talk about it. I don't want this to turn out like all my other birthdays, where I plan too late and everyone already has other plans and can't make it. And since it's the day before graduation, I know it's fairly likely someone might want to have a graduation party. I might start on invitations, just so I have something.

Gah, I haven't posted in a while

So what's up?

Well, personally, I'm not doing so good. I mean, I'm not doing terribly either.

I'm just sick of it all.

I'm sick of school

I'm sick of people

I'm sick of internet drama

I'm sick of real life drama

I'm sick of being treated like crap

I'm sick of people only talking to me or hanging around me "When they're in the mood for me"

I'm just plain sick of it.

All people seem to do is scream and yell and treat everything like it's a joke. Oh wait, unless a teacher DARES take their phone away, or their parents have the NERVE to punish them for acting like huge pricks all the time. Then it's fucking drama. No one cares about anyone but themselves. No one even tries to. If it's outside of their own little circle, it's like it doesn't matter. I just hope these kids get shit handed to them in the real world.

And it makes it impossible to talk to these people, because to them, it's like your not even a person because your not a clone of them. Too far outside that bubble? Can't hear me? Perhaps I should pop that bubble.

Now, for lighter news.

I saw Star Trek today. IT WAS AWESOME! I mean, I haven't seen all that much of Star Trek (Not because I dislike it...I just haven't for some reason) so I can't say if it was close to the original or something. But still, I thought it was really, really good. This made me learn how endearing the characters are, and makes me want to watch more of the original.

But enough about that, I have something else that's been bugging me. I think, and this is just me talking, I think that movie theaters should bring back Intermissions. I mean, whenever I see a movie, I always have to go REALLY REALLY BAD about halfway through the film. If it's not that great of a film, or in most comedies, it's not a problem. I just go to the bathroom. But if it's one that I really enjoy, or has a plot I really have to pay attention to? It's hell. I usually try my best to hold it, and end up going about 10 minutes before the film ends. I need an intermission. I can't just hold it in for almost 2 hours strait. Why did they get rid of them, anyway? You would think movie theaters would want them, since then people will buy more of their overpriced, fattening snacks. Maybe they thought people would loose interest during the break.

Well, other than that, I'll be doing the Bento Workshop and Animenext again this year. Unfortunately, the convention got too big for the convention center we were at, with a hotel that had a court yard full of restaurants and Walmart a short distance away, and is going to be at a new one with almost NOTHING nearby. Now we have to go a fair distance away from the convention-wearing cosplay and anime related things-just to eat. Hell, when we were two steps away from the convention center we would get stupid questions. Plus, it makes the bento panel harder, since we can't just buy eggs at the Walmart while we're there, and the hotel doesn't have a mini-fridge or microwave. Of course, it may turn out to be a nicer convention center, so maybe it won't be so bad.

You know what's weird? I've been to every Animenext, since it started 5 or 6 years ago and it was a very small convention that took place at some hotel. Then the best convention center ever, with two hotels and an array of restaurants. And now and even bigger one. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed.


I got a new Youtube account, http://www.youtube.com/user/BeautifulObscurity. My old one was http://www.youtube.com/user/Bankotsufan1, but since I don't like Inuyasha anymore, it's no longer a relevant name. But I still have some decent videos on that account. I might just move them over to my new account.

Other than that, my computer has been logging me out when I shut down, instead of keeping me logged in until I log out. It's really bugging me.

Thursday Harrison and Risa came over. We made a video I probably won't put up, but still. And we played Rockband.

Friday my parents took me to this Auto Show in New York. I don't really care for cars like my dad does, but I did get to sit in a Mini with the Union Jack painted on it in Grey, Black, and White.  And there was the Bumblebee display and this one display were people would actually sit in cars as the outside of it would split, revealing the machinery (And people) inside. Also, in exchange for going with them, I went to the Cloisters (A medieval museum) and saw some really neat things.

Of course, I really wished we had more money so I could have gone shopping. Hell, it's NYC! Do you know how many Gothic butiques it must have? Not to mention I know there's at least 1 Lolita shop! But my parents don't have money to spend on that.

Well, only 2 days left until I have to go back to school. Frankly, I tend to get bored during long breaks like this. I don't have my license yet, and my parents rarely drives me anywhere, and my sister has a job now that keeps her very busy, so I can't pick up the things I really wanted to pick up.



Well, not completely, next we have to do the shelves and reorganize a bit. My parents were considering re-decorating just a teensy bit, mainly getting rid of my disco ball and heart shaped string lights that I had since I was 9 or 10. I'm planning to wait until November, when all the Halloween stuff is on sale.

My mom also said that if it weren't for the fact that it would be a huge pain in the ass, she would move me and my stuff to my sisters room, since I've always had the small room, and she'll probably move out soon anyway. Of course, then I would repaint the place, along with getting some new stuff and tossing some old stuff.

For those who have never seen my room, I took A LOT of pictures, but there's over 40 of them, so I did not feel like uploading them. I will probably have to look through them, since some are repeats.

I got a double monitor. It's great, I can draw on one, and surf the web on another.

I've been recently reading Deady Big in Japan again...and again...and again...Now I want to buy the other Deady comics. And the plush doll.

On an unrelated note, I've lately had the growing desire to get up on stage and scream into the microphone. I would probably get into a giggle fit IF I ever got the chance, but it's just something that's been on my mind.

Of course, that's probably because I've been really pissed lately. Sometimes, I think I'm going to scream at someone. My only therapy lately has been my art (Drawing something or making something really cheers me up), which worked for a little while, but I just haven't been getting as much inspiration. Of course, I'm always pissed right before Spring Break, and then I come back fresh as a daisy, so it's probably nothing.

Some extra scratch?

Well, upon looking at different craft sites, I thought....

I could make accessories, you know, like hair clips, chokers, bracelets, bags, and other small things. And then I could sell them. One thing I wanna work on is a "Bat Bag", a handbag with bat themed accessories. Or something like that.

I probably won't, though, but it's a thought. It would be nice to have the money.

In other news, I finished my asymmetrical wrap skirt. Well, I would have finished a long time ago, had I not put it off. It's another thing to put into the fashion show. Of course, now I have to get to work on the pants (The instructions are in Japanese. XP This is going to be a pain) the dress (My own design, so I'm kinda making it up as I go...) and a few other things. I don't know if I can just have 5 Items or if I have to have 5 Outfits. That makes a world of difference.

I already have the recycle shirt. Next is the redesign, and then 3 other items of my own design. And it's J-rock themed.

Oh well. I'm also working on a doll. It's a Yu Gu (Some of my friends know what they are. They're dolls that are goth, punk, lolita, J-rock, ext.). It's Jackie. She's going to be made of felt (The body, head, hair), Fishnet (For the undershirt, and tights), Stretch Knit (Tank Top) and some kind of Plaid (skirt). I'm hoping to incorporate her into the competiton by having a model hold it and show it, too.

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